Ned Flynn

Revenue & Strategy Officer

Ned does not believe in success. Success is temporary; an arbitrary measurement that is significant only in the moment.  “Success” is a by-product of process. Success is a system that generates consistent and predictable results in a way that can be replicated by others. Organically developed scale. 

As Revenue & Strategy Officer, Ned is responsible for developing the system to deliver consistent and predictable revenue growth. Ned started his professional career as an Auditor for KPMG Peat Marwick, an Accountant!  He credits his accounting foundations for his 21 year career in PEO helping businesses understand the financial benefits of effective HR processes and strategy. Ned has worked for PEO’s in Tampa, FL, Cincinnati, OH, Des Moines, IA and, briefly, Oklahoma City, OK.

As Senior Vice President, Business Development for Aureon HR / Merit Resources, Ned led a highly successful strategy to accelerate growth through geographic and industry vertical expansion. After the acquisition by Oasis and Paychex, the former Aureon HR / Merit Resources team continued to lead the organization in new business growth. Ned has a unique ability to simplify a process of critical activities, focus only on controllable outcomes and generate consistent and predictable results.Ned earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Indiana University. 

Ned is married and has 3 beautiful girls (young women really) and a Labrador Retriever (Ned believes he’s a better person with a Lab). As recent empty nesters, Ned and his wife of 25 years enjoy biking, hiking, camping and, in general, competing in anything, which most recently has included pickleball.