Connectify HR: A Professional Employer Organization

Connectify HR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We provide a complete solution that connects and simplifies HR culture, compliance and cost control through powerful HR software, proven processes, HR expertise and an understanding of our clients’ business, their goals and their people. We give our clients the freedom to succeed.

What is a PEO?

A professional employer organization partners with employers to share human resource responsibilities, reduce employment risk, reduce time spent on transactional tasks, increase profitability, and improve employers’ ability to attract and retain talent. PEO’s offer a complete HR solution including HR technology, payroll and payroll tax administration, workers’ compensation insurance, top-tier employee benefit and retirement plan offerings, and HR compliance support and guidance.

Why Connectify HR?

To us, it’s more than our name, it’s our daily aspiration.  We seek to improve connection and simplify processes and interactions every opportunity we get.  Connectify HR was founded by a group of PEO professionals whose complimentary skills and experiences serendipitously intersected over the past 20 years at the Des Moines based Aureon HR (formerly known as Merit Resources). While there, Aureon HR grew to be the largest PEO in the Midwest with industry leading growth and client retention. “It was the best company culture any of us had worked in. We loved working there and developed great relationships with each other and with our clients,” said Melissa Ness, Connectify’s President & CEO.

The growing and changing regulatory environment, importance of company culture to navigate generational preference and important social issues has increased the complexity for business and, in response, the need for HR expertise, best practices and systems. Through the lens of “what would we do differently this time,” Connectify HR leverages previous PEO best practices from the team's combined experience, industry and community connections, powerful HR software, and a service approach based on knowing our clients’ business, goals and people.  


Purpose supported by Profit

Whether it’s serving our clients in our home community, or in communities where our clients and their employees call home, serving and giving back is our core motivation.  We know that our intentions must turn to effort to have impact.

To that end, we commit to giving back of our financial and time resources to the communities we serve at the levels below:

  • For every client employee we serve we will give $3 and 3 minutes of community service each year.
  • Our Connectify HR team selects recipients each quarter.


Purpose Driven PEO Services

We serve. We serve one another, our clients, and our community. We are passionate about helping others to grow. We know when businesses and employees thrive, our communities thrive. Our work is rewarding because of the life-long personal relationships it produces.

Our Values: The Power “Cs”


We believe in Connection. Through our values we seek out and build strong relationships with our clients, partners and with one another. Our connection helps others to grow and succeed.



We believe in Compassion. We are curious, not judgmental. We solve problems for others through our optimism, respect, and collaboration. We are accountable, we deliver on our commitments and focus on teamwork–not self-interest.


We believe in Competence. We are driven to be the best–both personally and professionally. We invest in our people, systems and solutions to constantly improve.



We believe in Community. We are responsible for our communities. We actively engage, serve and invest in them. Our time, talents and treasures serve the common good and promote justice and charity.