PEO Benefits: How Working with Connectify HR Will Impact Your Business

At Connectify HR, we want to provide the benefits of a PEO without the pain points that can come along with integrating with a PEO. Here are the PEO benefits we hope our clients experience when we establish a partnership with them:


Experience Growth

Connectify HR is about helping your business succeed by allowing your business to focus on growth instead of tedious manual processes. We provide a framework that connects and simplifies HR culture, compliance, and cost control through powerful HR software, proven processes, HR expertise, and an understanding of our client's business, their goals, and their people. We give our clients the freedom to succeed.

Connectify HR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Recent research found that businesses who use a PEO grow as much as 9% faster than businesses that don’t.


Shape Your Company Culture

A great culture is about connection for and among employees.

  • Connection to personal information from anywhere, at any and from any device.
  • Connection to the benefits solutions that address each employee’s personal situation.
  • Connection to your organization’s unique mission, vision, and values.

Connectify HR provides a platform with benefits and technology that enable you to offer an employee experience on par with the largest employers. Our services eliminate mundane processes so you can truly connect with your people. We can help you improve Employee Satisfaction and reduce your turnover by as much as 14%.


Access New Efficiencies

We think owning a business should be easier. The past few years have been especially tough on organizations, with pandemic uncertainty adding to the complexities that accompany rising compliance costs and administrative burdens such as changing tax policies and health and benefits regulation.

Connectify HR can help you navigate the complexities of the HR landscape. With our qualified HR experts and advanced technology solutions, we can identify software and compliance solutions unique to your situation and goals.


See a Return on Investment

We support your organization with HR expertise when you need it most and state-of-the-art technology that is customized to the way you do business. We create value by finding faster ways to perform the mundane, repetitive tasks that take up valuable time and resources.

Time savings and ROI are two of the key benefits of a PEO partnership. Based on recent research, businesses who invest in HR using a PEO reduce their total costs by as much as 27.2%.


Establish a Long Term Partnership

Your business is unique and HR is personal. The most effective HR strategies require knowledge of your people, your processes, your business, and your community. Our clients’ success relies as much on our personal relationships as our HR expertise, resources, and tools—relationships built on accountability, availability (we answer our phones!), and adaptability. We serve you. We serve our community. We serve each other. 


Experience the PEO Benefits of a Partnership with Connectify HR

If you’re ready to learn more about what Connectify HR can do for your business, reach out to our team today! We are ready to identify the perfect solutions to help your business grow.



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