HRIS Software Integration

Prioritizing HRIS (Human Resources Information System) integration within your HR strategy is a step towards building a culture your employees deserve. Large employers use their HRIS functionality as a recruiting tool. Benefits of HRIS include cost control, compliance automation, time savings and a better employee experience.

Technology continues to revolutionize the way businesses adapt, develop, and compete in the marketplace. Connectify HR’s cloud software encompasses the ability to manage the entire life cycle of an employee and is accessible 24/7. Unlike HR technology you purchase on your own, our partnership provides you with a team of experts dedicated to providing implementation, customization, training, and support to you and your employees every step of the way.

What is HRIS?

HRIS is software that digitally handles the entire process of the employee lifecycle. From talent attraction and selection to benefits enrollment, payroll, training, development, and ultimately post-employment processes, HRIS integration ensures you are in control.

Top Benefits of Connectify's HRIS

Connectify understands many business owners lack the time and resources to effectively implement a new HR system. As a client of Connectify, you enjoy a customized system, integration, streamlined implementation, data security, disaster recovery mitigation, compliance, minimized costs, and a positive user experience for you and your employees.

How can you use our HRIS?

Connectify's HRIS streamlines complex paperwork, generates electronic documents, and updates information all in one convenient, highly secure place. HRIS integration supports employee orientation, benefits enrollment, training plans, and other HR needs. Plus, it allows you and your team to access and update information across multiple devices.

The HRIS landscape is complex and constantly growing. To avoid being overwhelmed by all the options available, work with our experienced HR software implementation consultants.

Connectify HR offers software solutions to help with all HR functions and processes:

New Hires & Onboarding

Streamline your hiring process! With Connectify’s HRIS integration solutions, new hires can efficiently fill out onboarding paperwork and focus on their job sooner.

  • Paperless Onboarding: New employees can quickly complete employment forms, access organization charts, watch training videos, and more!
  • Custom Onboarding Workflows: Create custom onboarding plans for both new hires and internal movement of existing employees.
  • Employee Self-Service: The Employee Portal allows employees to access documents, company policies, and benefit information at any time.
  • Securely Track Documents: Important documents are securely tracked and stored electronically, and digital signatures are captured for complete and auditable records.

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits enrollment is important, but it can be a tedious task. Connectify HR’s software simplifies the enrollment process for happier and healthier employees. Learn more about our employee benefits services and solutions.

  • Easy Enrollment on Any Device: Whether your employees use their smartphone, laptop, or tablet, managing benefit elections is simple across all electronic devices.
  • Crystal Clear Plan Comparison: An intuitive online user experience helps employees make selections that fit their needs.
  • Fast and Accurate Enrollment: Automated alerts save you time by notifying employees when information is missing.
  • Happier, Healthier Employees: Employees who are better informed about their options can confidently enroll in the right benefits plan for them.
  • Less Paperwork, More Productivity: You already know how challenging it is to manage open enrollment, especially with paper forms. Our electronic enrollment guides employees through the process step-by-step.
  • Clear Comparisons, Simple Selections: Your team will appreciate the time-saving convenience of electronic enrollment. And with an intuitive user experience, your employees can easily manage dependents, compare plan options, and make informed selections across employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits.
  • Integrated Across Platform Modules: From onboarding to payroll, the entire process minimizes the time required to complete each step and reduces the potential for errors.
  • Affordable Care Act: Determine which employees are eligible for coverage and ensure your company remains compliant with ACA regulations. The HR system continuously updates for regulatory modifications, generates 1094 and 1095 forms, delivers them to Employee Portal, and files with the IRS.

Time Tracking & Labor Expenses

HR risk management and cost handling are vital factors in running an efficient and compliant workplace. A benefit of HRIS software is reduced risk and decreased costs.

  • Reduce Labor Costs: Gain clear visibility of your labor expenses. Control wages and overtime by paying accurately and to the minute.
  • Decrease Compliance Risk: Reduce risk across FLSA, ACA, and other compliance requirements with automated timekeeping and reporting.
  • Lower Administration Cost: Tasks that traditionally take hours to complete can now be done in minutes with smart, accurate employee time tracking.
  • Work Efficiently: Experience a more productive workday with freedom from manual data entry and spreadsheets. And because data flows seamlessly between Payroll, Benefits and HR, there’s no need to export and import time data between payrolls.
  • Flexible Time Tracking Options: Choose from a variety of employee time tracking software options based on the needs of your business, including timesheet entry, web clock, mobile app, and RDTa terminals.


Make payroll a positive experience for everyone! Connectify HR’s HRIS integration options ensure payroll is on time, every time.

  • Smart and Efficient: Your data is automatically integrated with other HR Cloud modules, so you never have to rekey from one system to another again. With $55 billion in payroll processed annually, Connectify provides a tried-and-true solution. Quickly review timesheets, process payrolls, and track your status in real-time.
  • Safe and Secure: Payroll data is granted to employees as needed with full control of visible data, fields and reports. You choose what each individual can access.

Online Portal

Employees are at the center of every workplace. Our employee-centric software guarantees a positive user experience for higher satisfaction and employee retention.

  • 24/7 Online Access: The Employee Portal’s responsive design and great user experience works smoothly on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Simplify Manager Approvals: At work or on-the-go, managers can easily review and approve time off requests.
  • Safeguard Employee Data: Multi-factor authentication verifies a user’s identity and provides additional security against unauthorized access.
  • Reduce Support Requests: Employees can quickly retrieve their username and reset their password without assistance from support staff.
  • Employee Empowerment: The online portal delivers important information and helpful tools at your employees’ fingertips. Comprehensive Spanish support is also available.
  • Increase Productivity: Reduce the administrative burden on your staff. Managers can approve requests, locate information, and more effectively manage their team.
  • Configure Manager Access to Data: With role-based security, you choose what managers can see and restrict sensitive data like social security numbers and pay details.
  • Maintain Branding: The Employee Portal incorporates your logo and provides users with a familiar experience.

HR Analytics & Reporting

Be ready for your quarterly reporting meeting in minutes! Connectify HR’s HRIS software makes finding and sharing powerful insights easy.

  • Robust Reporting: Your easy-to-use dashboard comes with pre-built reports for payroll, HR, employee data, and more. Access any data you need and easily filter reports using a wide range of parameters. Plus, the favorites menu allows you to save your frequently used report template.
  • Convenient Automation: Automated payroll reports make it easy to access your payroll history and sort by date, location, payroll number, and more. Each report can be exported to Excel, PDF, or printed right from the report. Access to reporting data is controlled through role-based permissions, so managers only see the data they need.
  • Advanced Data Retriever: Go even deeper into the data you want with Data Retriever. Data Retriever makes it easy to view the specific data you need. And for frequently searched information, you can create and save custom templates.

Applicant Tracking

Hire the best person for the job! Identify and hire more qualified candidates with our HRIS integration options for talent recruitment.

  • Automated Job Posting: Post jobs on your website career portal and Indeed, LinkedIn, and Facebook with a single click.
  • Custom Screening Questions: Rank and score candidates as they apply and automatically remove candidates that don’t meet your qualifications.
  • Candidate Communication: Improve engagement and time-to-hire by communicating with candidates through automated email messages and SMS texting.
  • Tag and Keyword Matching: Automatically review and filter resumes for keywords and skills that match your job requirements.

Employee Performance Management

With a modern performance management program, you get the data you need to see who your high performers are, and which employees need help to improve.

Performance Management allows you to track manager and employee reviews, quickly set team and employee goals, and solicit employee feedback.

Connectify HR Provides the Perfect HRIS Integration Solution

Connectify’s complete PEO solution includes leading HRIS technology that rivals what is offered by the largest employers allowing our clients to level the playing field.  We look forward to curating the perfect solution, tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Contact Connectify HR to learn more about the benefits of HRIS or to get started with a software implementation plan.