Employee Benefits Services and Offerings

Create a CULTURE that CONNECTS and Engages.

Your employee benefits and your contribution to the cost of premiums are foundational components of your company culture.  An extensive employee benefits offering is an important recruiting tool and a great way to drive employee satisfaction.

Providing your employees with comprehensive insurance options, including medical dental and vision, demonstrates a commitment to their overall well-being and helps ensure a more loyal and productive workforce.

Connectify offers a variety of plans to build benefit offerings that meet your needs and budget and, most importantly, take care of your people.

Our employee benefit portfolio includes:

  • Major Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short & Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident
  • Hospital
  • Legal with Identity Theft
  • Health Spending Accounts (H.S.A.)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (F.S.A.)

Connectify’s streamlined employee benefits platform that helps your business manage everything from online benefits enrollment and employee onboarding to billing and payroll processing. Your dedicated benefits administrator can assist you with online benefits enrollment and benefits administration best practices. 

More importantly, we serve as an extension of your HR department, supporting your employee questions with plan selection, coverage and claims questions, and other personal health information concerns. 

Why Choose Connectify HR as Your Employee Benefits Partner

Enrolling in benefits using paper forms can be cumbersome and confusing for employees. Simplify the process with our secure, electronic enrollment system. Your employees can sign up for benefits easily from any device and make better, more informed choices. 

Easy Enrollment on Any Device

Managing benefit elections is simple no matter what device an employee uses (desktop, laptop, or mobile).

Crystal Clear Plan Comparison

An intuitive user experience and online tools help employees make selections that fit their needs.

Faster, More Accurate Enrollment

Alerts let employees know when required information is missing, taking the manual effort out of following up to ensure selections are completed.

Happier, Healthier Employees

Employees who are better informed about their plan options can more confidently enroll in the right plans and take advantage of benefits.

Integrated Across Platform Modules

The entire process from onboarding to benefits enrollment and payroll is integrated, minimizing the time required to complete each step while reducing the potential for errors.

Don't Lose Sleep Over Compliance

Get relief knowing your plans comply with employee benefits regulations and the Affordable Care Act. Because Connectify's full-service benefits and retirement plans include expert guidance and compliance support, we're with you at every step. Connectify manages:
  • Administrative responsibility for our health plans, as well as fiduciary responsibility for our retirement plans to minimize your risk.
  • Compliance for our ERISA plans and filings, including Form 5500, audits, required plan testing and monitoring investment options.
  • Manage COBRA administration for former employees participating in our plans, including notices and payment collection.
  • Section 125 compliance, testing and filings.

An Integrated Compliance Solution

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in full effect—including all mandates, restrictions, and penalties. Connectify helps you make sense of all the provisions and ACA requirements, making the Affordable Care Act one less thing to worry about. Including:

  • Applicable Large Employer (ALE) determination
  • Employee-tracking reports
  • Compliance reporting via automated population and distribution of ACA forms and notices
  • Regulatory updates and deadline changes

401(k) Plans

401(k) is an essential ingredient for your businesses’ success.

Attract and retain top talent, and create a happier, more stable workforce by offering your employees a 401(k) plan. Happier employees stick with your business longer, ensuring you have the depth for your business to continue to scale.

Connectify makes retirement planning easier and more affordable. Offering a Connectify 401(k) plan can help you attract top-notch talent, give your company a competitive advantage and help boost employee retirement savings. Plus, Connectify 401(k) plan fees are generally much lower than the industry average.

The plan offers diversified investment solutions including:

  • Investment choices from multiple investment management companies.
  • Menu of actively and passively managed funds.

Additionally, Connectify’s 401(k) plan alleviates administrative, compliance and fiduciary responsibilities by managing:

  • Automated contribution and data submission
  • Compliance testing and Form 5500 filing
  • Investment selection and monitoring
  • Loan and distribution processing

Choose Connectify HR’s Employee Benefits Consulting and Software Services

At Connectify HR, we serve as an extension of your HR department, providing you with the right employee benefits services and solutions to allow your employees to thrive. Reach out to our team to learn more about how we support your HR efforts.