Our HR Services and Approach

We help you focus on the human aspects of HR. More than your product you sell or the services you offer, your employees and customers believe in you — and only you can create a great culture at your company.

Connectify HR is a PEO and HR services provider offering a complete solution that simplifies compliance, provides ready access to expertise and allows you to focus on employee and customer engagement.

What HR services do we offer?

Our HR Connection Partners are designated to you and provide HR expertise and support. An HR Connection Partner can help with a broad range of services and solutions, including but not limited to talent acquisition, employee onboarding, company policy management, compliance, employee training and more.

At Connectify HR, our experts work diligently to make your business successful. We ensure your HR policies and programs are effective and compliant with the latest legislation. A partial list of our core HR services includes:

  • Guidance on HR compliance
  • Employee handbook development
  • Development of company job descriptions
  • Performance management guidance
  • Employee file management and maintenance
  • Compliance investigation and resolution
  • Customized policy and procedure creation
  • Job postings and salary assessments
  • Pre-employment drug screens
  • Background checks
  • Unemployment claims management
  • Training and development programs
  • And more

Going the Extra Mile: HR Services from Connectify HR

Onboarding Ourselves as your HR Partner

Connectify HR offers you more than other HR consulting companies. We work with all kinds of clients and customers, from organizations with no in-house dedicated HR staff to ones with many dedicated HR professionals on staff.

Our implementation process is designed to help us understand your goals and objectives, your people and your business workflows. Establishing a strong foundation helps us hit the ground running as we assist you in developing, executing and evaluating your HR strategic initiatives. This foundation also helps us customize our systems and services according to your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Commitment to Cultivating Our Connection

Processes, systems, and expertise are not enough for you to realize the expected return on your HR investment. You will need a guide to connect you to resources that simplify HR strategies. A guide who knows you, your employees, your business and your community. We believe process, systems and expertise combined with familiarity, understanding and trust will create the best outcomes for you.

Our business model is built on personal relationships, communication, and community. A real person answers the phone when you call or, if not, we call you back right away. We welcome personal interaction.

We believe our HR services are most effective when our people understand your people. That’s why we want to establish and cultivate strong, authentic relationships.

Correct and Current Compliance Insights

Compliance is no longer static. Regulatory complexity and the pace and frequency of change has increased over time. Establishing HR policies and procedures is more than just a legal requirement — it provides your organization and your employees with a set of guiding principles and standards to ensure ethical behaviors, quality products and service, and a safe environment for your team and your customers.

We ensure your federal, state and local regulatory compliance from the onset of our relationship, and with every new regulation, we provide you with a summary and recommendations customized for you. We’ll make sense of the news and keep you informed about laws that impact your workplace.

Consistent Processes — Even During Staff Changes

Many companies experience position turnover as they grow and evolve.  That turnover can be a result of internal promotions or other factors.  That turnover often impacts current HR processes.  HR processes are either delegated according to the manager’s discretion or added to an already over-extended manager or staff. With 166 core processes in the life cycle of an employee, from pre-hire to post employment, it is critical for your company to address HR situations quickly, correctly and consistently. That can be difficult when you have changes on your internal team.

When you establish a relationship with an HR partner like Connectify HR, we get to know you, your company and your employees. We identify, advise, and automate critical HR processes using cloud-based systems, ensuring consistency of process throughout your company even when you’re experiencing changes or turnover in your HR department.

Timely Access to Key Resources

The primary difference between your company and the largest employers in your market is their access to resources. The size, growth and complexity of an organization determines their need and capacity for breadth and depth of HR resources. This includes access to subject matter experts in specialty areas like compensation, insurance, employment law and HR software.

Whether your organization is growing or contracting, acquiring or divesting, or you have a special need for additional resources and/or specific expertise, our service model and fee structure adjusts according to your needs, without any disruption.

Profit Protection and Peace of Mind

You know what is best for your company and your employees. However, decisions have consequences. As your HR partner, our role is to make you aware of the risks associated with those decisions and assist you in executing the decisions with minimal liabilities. You’re free to focus on growing profits while we focus on protecting those profits.

Put Connectify HR to Work as Your Trusted HR Partner

If you’re exploring HR consulting companies and you’re ready to form a long-term partnership, reach out to us. Our team is eager to help you find the right HR solutions.