3 Key HR Trends for 2023

Over the past few years, employers and employees have experienced both temporary and permanent changes to our work environment–regardless of job title or industry. So, what does that mean for the upcoming year? For small to medium-sized businesses, it’s essential to prepare for how the modern workplace will continue to evolve into 2023 and beyond. 

In this article, we’ll provide insights that will empower you, as a business leader, to make strategic decisions for your company today that will set you up for success tomorrow. 

Upskilling Takes the Front Seat  

A modern workforce requires modern solutions. Enter upskilling. What is upskilling, exactly? Simply put, upskilling is the personal acquisition of new skills. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, 14 percent (375 million workers) of the global workforce will need to be upskilled or reskilled by 2030. Providing new learning opportunities can be completed in various ways, including mentorships, guest speakers, virtual learning, professional training, and online certifications. These are all great ways to begin upskilling your employees! Enlist your management team to ask their team members what new skills they desire to seek that align with the direction of your business. When employees develop their personal and business skills, companies also benefit. Upskilling boosts productivity, reduces turnover, and strengthens your bottom line. 

Technology & Detailed Reporting is Non-Negotiable 

By now, we’ve all mastered Zoom video calls (don’t forget you’re on mute!), but what technological advances are around the corner in 2023? Powerful reporting tools and data-driven insights are more critical than ever to help businesses identify potential obstacles and make strategic decisions. It’s difficult for a business to manage what it doesn’t measure. Connectify HR’s team of experts has decades of experience providing clients with the tools and technology necessary to reach their goals–report functionality sits on that list. Selecting from a comprehensive list of HR reports lends insight into how your business operates–from onboarding to benefits to payroll and beyond. Having these tools at your fingertips is vital to peace of mind for employers. 

Employee Wellbeing Continues to Trend  

What do a hybrid work model, mental health, and natural light in your office have in common? They all play a key role in employee well-being. Between the pandemic of 2020 and the “Great Resignation” of 2021, employees are searching for employers who they view as supportive. Fostering and managing a work environment that your employees will enjoy may take some extra work on the front end, but the benefits are well worth the effort. The benefits include increased daily productivity, decreased employee absenteeism, and increased profitability. As you prepare for the upcoming year, consider some ways you can build a more enjoyable work environment for your team by asking probing questions about what’s important to them. 

If you’re planning to strengthen your business for the upcoming year, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the HR industry’s current trends. For owners and business leaders, this will help align your current objectives with your future goals. Looking for more information on how you can grow your company in 2023? Chat with one of Connectify HR’s experts today. 


Laura Knepper, Connectify's Chief of Staff