Connectify HR + HealthPartners UnityPointHealth

Connectify HR and HealthPartners UnityPointHealth have teamed up to serve businesses across the state.

Iowa business owners know healthcare costs are rising, and employment is complex. Connectify HR and HealthPartners UnityPointHealth have teamed up to provide Iowa businesses with an integrated option regarding their healthcare and HR business needs. The partnership will leverage the best of both companies. 

Nearly half of all Iowa employees are employed by small businesses. While most larger employers offer forms of traditional group health insurance, small businesses are less likely to select traditional health insurance due to cost, fewer market options, and size. With Connectify HR and Health Partners Unity Point Health’s exclusive partnerships, Iowa small business owners enjoy access to best-in-class group health plan options and powerful HR solutions. 

“HealthPartners UnityPoint Health is finding creative ways to make health care coverage simple and affordable, and partnering with Connectify HR is yet another example,” shares Becky Woody, President & CEO of HealthPartners UnityPoint Health. “Clients will be able to secure better benefits at more competitive rates, giving their employees access to traditional health insurance and a full complement of value-added services.” 

Members enjoy access to competitive group health plan options and powerful HR solutions from a team of local experts. The plan offers an open-access network that includes every hospital in Iowa and 97% of the care providers in the state. In addition to coverage, plan members have access to the following services: 

  • Medication Therapy Management: Ensures drug safety and effectiveness for members taking multiple medicines.
  • Prescription Shopping Tool: Helps members find the lowest cost of medicine, transfer pharmacies and uncover ways to save on their prescriptions.
  • Nurse Navigators: Help with health care needs, benefits, and choosing a treatment option and other support.
  • Behavioral Health Navigators: Support for mental or chemical health needs, benefits, choosing a treatment option, and more.

Our clients grow faster by attracting and retaining great talent. Providing their employees with comprehensive health insurance choices demonstrates their commitment to the overall well-being of their employees and their families,” shares Melissa Ness, Connectify HR President & CEO.“With HealthPartners UnityPoint Health and their strong network, we are excited to offer our clients access to market-leading health benefits usually only available to larger employers.”  

HealthPartners UnityPoint Health is driven to improve the health and well-being of those we serve. Launched in 2015, the company combines the award-winning health plan financing and administration of HealthPartners with UnityPoint Health’s extensive provider network and care system. Together, HealthPartners UnityPoint Health offers high-quality, affordable care and coverage in Iowa and western Illinois. To learn more, visit