Certainty: A Message of Encouragement

Certainty /’sur-tn-teenoun: The quality or state of being true, especially based on evidence.

Recently, we have become painfully aware of the uncertainty in our lives and workplaces. Uncertainty can be an incubator for doubt and lack of confidence. Suppose we are not intentional with our thoughts and mindset. In that case, we become vulnerable to view uncertainty as truth, which can negatively affect how we perform in the workplace, interact with our fellow team members, and lead and direct our organizations. 

To combat this unconscious training, we must shift our pattern of thinking. I do not have “7 Habits to Change Your Life” or an inspirational “You achieve what you believe!” message to share. My message is self-awareness. I have personally felt the impact increased uncertainty has had on reducing my day-to-day productivity and output, which has led to my new daily focus on a mentality of intentionality. I bring intentional awareness to my daily interactions and identify how I can create more certainty in my life, interactions with others, and within my role at my organization. 

The constant information flow concerning world supply chains, geopolitical unrest, economic outlook, labor scarcity, inflationary pressures, and more are front and center. When consumed as a large part of our information diet, it fuels further doubt in the collective consciousness. I have materially reduced my diet of such. Instead, I have started asking, “What is certain today?” and “What is certain tomorrow?” This shift in how we communicate with our team has transformed context and increased possibilities.

I contend that we possess more certainties in our lives, careers, and organizations than we realize. I contend that we have innovative solutions with more certain outcomes. I contend that when we focus on generating action, we gain confidence both personally and professionally. Changing our mindset leads to a more positive, secure, and prosperous environment where we can all grow together—I am certain of it. 

Joel Duncan, Connectify HR Strategic Advisor