Delivering Top-Notch Customer Service: Tips to Enhance Communication

Slack, Teams, Zoom… these days, there are endless ways to communicate in business. But what good is a message if it goes unanswered? From unanswered phone calls to ignored emails, customer service standards have seemingly been lowered–and in a post-pandemic business environment, the little things matter more than ever. Delivering top-notch customer service requires enhanced communication with both prospects and customers. Here are three strategies you can implement in your business today. 

  1. Welcome them to the Club. Everyone likes to know that they matter, and your customers are no exception. Exclusive customer programs, members’-only events, and early-bird offers are great ways to provide additional benefits to your customers. Incorporating sweeteners throughout a customer’s entire lifecycle (and not just during the onboarding process) will go a long way toward customer retention. 
  2. Answer their phone calls. Every time the phone rings, it’s imperative that a reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly employee answers. If customers aren’t getting the help they need quickly, they will search for alternative solutions. Take some time to review your company’s online hours and ensure you’re providing direct communication channels for your customers and prospects. This includes creating a culture of responsiveness to your customers as well as your internal team.
  3. Remember that customer service is everyone’s job. Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Facilitate more meaningful interactions by encouraging your employees to add a personal touch. This can look like taking a few extra minutes to send a handwritten note, remember an important date, or share a heartfelt message. 

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Cynde Cronin, Sales Connection Executive